P.O. Box 6663 Evansville, IN 47719

About Us

River of Hope is a ministry designed to help Christian leaders thrive.

We help people build bridges especially through multi-ethnic and generational coaching and teaching.

Our aim is to equip, heal and support Christian workers to be all that God created them to be through coaching, counseling and fundraising training for individuals and families.

Why River of Hope?

River of Hope fills a gap in Christian vocational ministry.

We exist because Pastors and Missionaries often do not get the coaching they need to thrive.

We also serve educational communities, churches and other non-profits by doing ethnic and generational diversity training.

Further, this kind of service must be inexpensive for clients, often because when they need help the most they are in crisis and lack the resources to get the help they need.

Whether the challenges are relational, emotional, spiritual or financial we can help.